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Wheels Up


I was on my way to Miami to be under the care of the best physician in the country to treat spinal cord injuries… Dr. Barth Green a neurosurgeon with quite an impressive resume. He was located at Jackson Memorial Hospital. For the best chance of success, Green and his team wanted me to make the transition quickly. With no time to waste considering my condition, the mode of transportation had to be a Learjet, which was specifically equipped for emergency medical transport. Only having a hospital gown and a halo with me and no TSA to deal with, me and my stretcher were carefully loaded on the jet. On board amenities included specialized and trained EMS personnel, including the pilots and the person caring for me in-flight. My friend Ann Marie came on the jet with me as well. I think Ann Marie was disappointed that they did not offer her a pre-flight cocktail.

Flight time was 1 hour and 30 minutes to Miami. Just so there’s no confusion, Jackson Memorial Hospital is definitely not located on South Beach. The halo would have given me awful tan lines anyway.


5 thoughts on “Wheels Up

  1. Mary,
    I am amazed by your courage and fortitude expressing your feelings and thoughts with those to love you and care the most! I am so thankful that you have the support and love of your incredible fiancee Ross, his sister, mother, your family and you know we I have always considered you my family as well! I look forward to seeing your continued progress in person next month for a few days!
    All my love and prayers always,

  2. The tan lines my not have been good, but Mary knowing you as I do you would still be a fashion statement with the halo lounging on the beach. We continue to pray for you daily. Even small accomplishments should be considered miracles. Keep fighting and getting stronger. Thank you for keeping all of us up on how you are progressing.


  3. I love your perspective and strength. You are an inspiration. Healing Love and Light

  4. Hi Mary — Although we’ve only met a couple times, I appreciate that you share your very private healing, thoughts and dreams in this forum. I have thought of you every day since I heard the news and am hoping the positive energy from your countless friends help strengthen you as you continue this journey. Bethany DiLullo

  5. Hello Mary… I still can’t believe what happened to you… Such a vibrant women with so much going for you!! I’ve been following your Blog, and sharing it with some of the Business Managers, we are all in shock and dismay over your accident… My wife Jean and I are praying for your full recovery everyday… May God Bless You Mary…


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