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Pistils & Petals

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Ross makes sure I get a weekly dose of fragrant flowers to brighten my day. This is one of my personal favorites. It’s a modern mix combining hydrangeas, roses, orchids and mixed greens.

The flower arrangement in the middle is what Nancy, Ross’s sister, said she would have sent, but she is to busy running the google control center. If she had time, this is what she would send. If I had them…and when I get them…I can enjoy the beauty of the flowers and mix up a mean pasta when she comes to visit.

Researchers found that receiving flowers has an instant effect on a person’s mood. People getting flowers immediately smiled and got excited–and this reaction was true for all age groups, young and old. They also found that people were less tense and depressed after getting flowers. Flowers, they found, just made people feel more optimistic and positive.


One thought on “Pistils & Petals

  1. What in the world is a Pistal? Do I need one lol

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