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He’s Got My Back


Look at my baby on the left…my one true love. This is Ross with me in Miami the first weekend that I was there in ICU. Every time he walks in the room, he compliments how pretty I look that day. He is my rock and is truly my backbone; he looks out for me and pampers me every day. We are best friends. Our love is a permanent lock.

This experience has shed a whole new light on our relationship. I wouldn’t want anyone else other than Ross in my corner. Thank you Ross for being so positive and giving me one more reason to get through this.


13 thoughts on “He’s Got My Back

  1. This blog made me smile!!

  2. Ross is right….never more beautiful, and at least 15 years younger. So happy you have each other

  3. Mary what a great picture of the both of you! I think and pray for you many times a day. I know you are working hard. Know we are all pulling for you!!


  4. I agree with Kathy-Ann. This post made me smile. So glad you have each other. πŸ™‚

  5. What a sweet post & a great pic Mary. He’s lucky to have you too! πŸ™‚ So glad you have each other.


  6. You are very lucky dear friend!! And so is Ross……xo

  7. You two are a very good looking couple! Your true love is very inspiring!

  8. Well, I’m also in agreement with Kathy Ann and Maria, my heart is truly smiling right now. Thank you Ross for loving Mary and thank you Mary for loving Ross

  9. Hi Mary!
    Mom and I have been keeping up with your blog. She says you need to work hard in rehab, girlfriend because you need to help her plan my wedding (in the future). As we read one of your more recent posts that ended with happiness in a Coke can, I looked at my mother and said, “Mom, Mary is a betch.” I am assuming a swanky woman like you knows what a betch is, but if you don’t then I must tell you it is a huge compliment. There is a whole website dedicated to them and the things they love (betcheslovethis).

    Tomorrow I am off to DC to attend American University for the next four years. So far there have been a few melt downs, but not too many. In my first semester I am going to do an internship, and in DC the women all dress very conservative for the work world. With boss lady (my mother) as my trusty shopping buddy I have discovered the world of Theory pants and pencil skirts. You would love all the black that has found a new home in my closet (the problem is going to be getting it into my new closet at college…)!

    Every post I have read with my mother we have looked at each other and said, “Mary is still going to do great things. this might slow her down but she won’t let it stop her.”

    Sending love, hugs, and kisses!
    -Rachel Silver

  10. I am so glad you have such a wonderful man by your side Mary…..he will help keep you focused through all your hard work….I have several of my friends praying for you!!!

  11. MarAng Dave and Jarlath here.
    ever since we have been aware of your situation, we have been praying and won’t stop. Cannot tell you how much we love and treasure our time with you.

  12. Hi Mary This is Qa Tammy From Sandridge. I just wanted to let you know my prayers are with you everyday!

  13. Mary,
    The photo truly made me smile. I think I have figured out this Blog thing….your amazing. Watched the NBC video. You are truly such and inspiration. Love you both. Praying for you always. Xoxo….you look fabulous!

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