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Late Night Run(way)


One night during the 11 PM shift change, the dopamine bell was ringing nonstop. I always knew when the dopamine drip was out because there was an annoying and continuous bell that would go off on the machine until the bag was changed. I knew that there would be no sleep for me until that stupid bag was changed. It was dark in my room but there was still a glow coming in from the hallway when my new night nurse entered my room. Illuminating from the door was the silhouette of a petite and slim man. When I was able to get a better look at him, he was a small Asian man, dressed head to toe in black. He reminded me of a cross between a contemporary version of Captain Sulu from Star Trek and an effeminate ninja. Most nurses wear the typical nurse attire and by looking at them, nine times out of ten there’s no confusion as to what profession they hold. This guy could’ve easily hit the clubs as soon as his shift was over without missing a beat. Donning a black spandex mock turtleneck, black skinny pants and smartly accessorized with a large gold watch and a couple of chunky gold rings, he was dressed to kill… hopefully not me though. If Prada made nurses uniforms for men, he was sporting one. I almost felt like I should have blurted out “Who are you wearing?” in a very Joan Rivers way, but I didn’t. I just wanted him to make that F-ing bell to stop ringing on that machine. The thought briefly entered my mind that he might be one of those “angel of death” nurses… just a very fashionable one.  I immediately discarded that paranoid thought from my mind, and chalked it up to watching too much Law and Order and of course the morphine.


8 thoughts on “Late Night Run(way)

  1. Mary, I love the Ninja Night Nurse saga. I was thinking, in case you don’t already have one (how would I know?), this could be a good time to get a tramp stamp. Since you’re already inundated with needles, what’s one more? Let me know if you design ideas.

  2. Mary,
    Thinking about you every day and praying for ya. Thanks for sharing. I know you’re going to conquer this.

    Lou Maglione

  3. We love your take on things….. Keep up the good work
    Jarlath & Dave

  4. I bet he was going to the “9 of clubs” for some whiskey sours….. Thinking of you mary Angela!

  5. Mary, I am a friend of Raph and used to call on him at the restaurant on Arlington many years ago. I learned of your blog from Raph on Facebook and I have been following you. You really should be a writer. Your blogs are so very compelling to read. I am sorry that you are going through such a terrible ordeal but you seem to have an indellible spirit and one that with the help of God will carry you through. I am rooting for you and I give thought to you with each new blog I read.
    Stay strong and God Bless
    , Patty

  6. You could use this as part of a future tv script!
    Cathy c

  7. I swear May you need to write a book!!! I love to read your blogs and hear about your phenomenal progess!

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