Eyes Wide Open

A Perspective From Within

Team CC


The nurses in ICU that took care of me worked their asses off to try to wean me off the dopamine… specifically Cathy and Chris. It seemed like each time they would try to decrease the dopamine, my blood pressure would plummet to unsafe levels. Ironically, the stuff that was keeping me alive was also keeping me from getting the F$&! out of ICU. A cruel joke my body was playing on me. Cathy and Chris knew how badly I wanted out of here and into a regular room. I think that I was the only one in ICU that could verbally express that feeling to them. Actually nurse Chris said it was nice to finally have a patient who he could talk to. Hmm, definitely a place I don’t want to be. Anyways, Chris and Cathy were primarily responsible for weaning me off that crap. They really made it a priority to carefully and slowly drop the dopamine levels so my pressure had a chance to regulate itself at a safe level on its own.

One morning Dr. Green and the team-Shelly and the cute and funny residents, made their regular rounds on me. Dr. Green checked my blood pressure and was pleased with the numbers. He finally gave the orders to permanently take me off the dopamine. If my blood pressure were to sustain healthy levels, it meant that I could get outta here. The news felt like I had lived in a rundown trailer for years and had just won Powerball. Well, my blood pressure held up and the big move was to happen the next day. I was movin’ on up. Actually, I was going from the eighth floor to the seventh floor. My new home was called West Wing 7. This sounded so sophisticated and luxurious. The anticipation and excitement of moving out of ICU kept me sleepless that night. I deferred to my trusty friend Ativan which helped me out tremendously that night.

Moving day! I woke up early the next morning, thinking someone was going to be waiting outside my door to get me out of here. Well, I waited all day, asking every hour when it was going to happen. Why would I be so naïve as to think that anything would happen fast in a hospital? I waited all day and it was finally time. 7 PM was the bewitching hour. A man with a gurney was outside my door. The time was now. Thankfully, Kim was with me to pack up all my stuff from ICU. I had actually accumulated a lot of stuff while I was there. Several comments were made that they had never seen anyone in ICU with so much stuff. Thanks to Ross, I think I broke a Jackson record.


6 thoughts on “Team CC

  1. So happy to see you write again. Keep it up. And keep it coming. See you Sunday. Any specifics for my Gourmet writer? Pate, Escargot, Lobster Bisque?

  2. Mary:
    It is so exciting to read of your continued progress in the recovery of your life… It actually reminds me of when we were kids and would go to the movies (for 10 cents) and see the Serials of Flash Gorden.. It would go on until you really got into it, then boom!!! you had to see it next week to discover how it ended… It is Always very good to read your Blog, we all want sooo very much to see you recover… You did miss your calling though, you should have been a writer…

    I am a bit curious Mary, Mary Gifford told my wife that you were into your Condo in Miami. However, it would seem that you are in a “Step Down” Unit at the hospital… It doesn’t really matter, just that I send a card to your home instead of the hospital… I am sure it will catch up to you eventually.. The main thing is that you are progressing, and that is a Prayer answered!!! We continue to Pray for your recovery, and the peace of mind that will help that happen… You are in our Prayers, Always….


  3. Hi Stevo! Thanks for all of your cards and support. They really mean soo much to me. I am actually out of the hospital as of last Saturday and have started outpatient rehab/boot camp in Miami. The blog is not “real time” and I am doing my best to bring it up to the here and now. Transitioning out of the hospital was very difficult for me. It’s sort of like getting out of prison and adjusting to “life on the outside”. How would I know though… My writing stopped for a while but now I am feeling a little better mentally and physically and am starting to crank out more words to my story. I have many more things to write about this crazy experience! Love ya Stevo and can’t wait to see you back at work. Mary

  4. Hello MAV! It was so great to see you a few days ago!

  5. Hi Mary…so glad to hear you’re out of the hospital! I’m sure your getting a workout at the “outpatient rehab/boot camp”. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Your friend Steve is right….you really should have been a writer…you definitely have a special gift. I hope the sun is shinning on you in Miami, as you continue to improve! God Bless….Toni (Palermo) Longville

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