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The Eagle Has Landed

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[1] Ambulance transfer from FLL airport to Jackson memorial. They were really funny and made sure I was settled in before they left. I was wearing a little thin by this point. We got there around 3:30 am.   [2] My first minutes at Jackson Intensive care unit.  Louis was just what you needed at this point.  A hot, funny Latin man to make you feel at home! Lourdes was nice too, but I’m not into chicks, so….


One thought on “The Eagle Has Landed

  1. Hope you are having a good week Mary. It is getting cold up here and we have had a first frost. The leaves are changing rapidly. So obviously winter is on its way. Being in Miami recovering and getting stronger by the day must be a lot easier when you have a view of the ocean to sooth you. Thinking about you and praying for a good week of rehab! Charlotte

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