Eyes Wide Open

A Perspective From Within

Back in Business


New York sell.  Chicago buy.  Everybody selling then buy, buy, buy…  

Ross took this picture of me the day after I got the halo off and I could actually hold the phone.  I was just happy to get that damn contraption off my head.  Ross told me you just cant keep a good woman down…He said I looked beautiful….I immediately started planning my next steps to recovery.  My senses were awakening and my eyes wide open to accept the challenge before me.  I knew the physical therapy would be difficult but I wanted to attack it head on.  At that time Ross’ sister, Nancy, approached me in regards to creating this blog.  She thought it would be therapeutic and give me a thorough account of my progress and keep others informed.  The blog would also be a great resource to let others show their support and communicate with me directly.  At first, I wasn’t to keen on the concept but after brainstorming with Nancy and seeing the development I was excited.  I would not only be exercising my body, but my mind as well.  Its going to take some time.  Everybody is waiting, everybody is watching.  I’m not going to let them down.


6 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. Mary you are as beautiful as ever in every picture you sent today!! You are a fighter and we all love your posts

  2. Mary…you are inpsiring to all of us….keep fighting….hugs to you!!!

  3. You are in our thoughts all the time, Mary! You look beautiful and strong!

  4. Hi Mary,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers….keep up the good work!!!!
    Take care…..
    Kathy Ost

  5. Hi Mary – you look great! Keep up the hard work… Hope you and Ross are doing well.

    Larry Kling.

  6. Mary, you look really really good……keep going girl.

    Love, Judith

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