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I’ve Got Some Nerve

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As all women do I worry about what I wear and how my body looks. There’s a whole other side of being a woman in a wheelchair.  You’re a sensual being. You want to feel sexy. You want to feel good and look good, even though you’re battling something that’s obvious and different.  All of which motivated me to try the Stim Bike at the Miami Physical Therapy Center.  I’m doing this bike thing, and you see, I’m all about new things. I was totally game for it.

My routine is a three-hour workout, three days a week.  I end the session sweating and flushed, and push myself a bit more each time – a few extra minutes, increased resistance, a harder workout.

The whole idea of seeing my legs contract is breathtaking. The last time I saw that, I didn’t even think to remember how it felt.  It’s hard to appreciate certain things in life, certain issues, until you’re directed to.  I’ve gained muscle back.  What this cycle does is let people continue rehab after they leave rehab. Being active means burning calories. But it also means going to lunch, shopping with your friends, raising your metabolism, keeping your heart healthy, and having fewer muscle spasms.

When stem cell research finds a cure, I want my body to be ready for it.


One thought on “I’ve Got Some Nerve

  1. Good to see you working hard on your rehab. Your smile says it all….you are a fighter and you will keep moving forward!! I want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing your journey. You are an excellent writer, and your wonderful sense of humor comes through in midst of your struggles. You are touching many lives as you share your thoughts…Keep up the good work! You’re one special lady!!

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