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Another sleepless early morning thanks to the spinal cord injury. Yes, it’s that  bad.  It’s so degrading that at 43 years old I have to have someone wipe my ass, drain my bladder, change my diaper, shower me. I can’t do shit myself. I am completely dependent.

But just when I was feeling about as crappy as I think I could, my occupational therapist took advantage of my delicate and sensitive state of mind  and made me a splint for my middle finger because I couldn’t lift it on my own. She is hilarious.

Thank you, This gave me my first real smile of the day. At least my sense of humor is still in tact.


8 thoughts on “FU…[SCI]

  1. I have to say I am a great fan of this OT!!!! Mary, DO NOT QUIT!!!!!! You have made great strides and I know every single one is a massive challange. I believe in you, and ALWAYS cheering you on if only in my thoughts of you daily and in my prayers!!!! I had the priviledge of meeting llona last week, we spent such a long time talking about how much we loved you and her visit, that her husband finally said he would wait in the car LOL. She also told me that she was coming down there again soon and assured me that she would give you a great big squeeze from me!!!! I miss you Mary, but you are always close in my thoughts!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Now that’s the Mary we know and love!


  3. HA! Love it. Thinking of you, MAV.

  4. Yes Mary you do have that sense of humor. I have been following your blogs and laughed and cried at them. I had surgery on my neck back in 1997. And it has never been right since. I am now to the point of living in pain everyday. You will get threw this Mary I believe that. And God is right there by your side to see you threw. Your one strong lady!!! From a friend From Sandridge. (QA Tammy)

  5. PS……Love the pic

  6. Mary, I was deeply sadden when I heard about your terrible accident. I know there absolutely nothing that I can say that would bring you comfort. But, I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery! You are such a strong personality and if anyone has the spirit and fight in them it is definitely you! BTW – This picture is great! Love it! Stay Tough 🙂 God Bless… xoxoxoxo

    Meghan Hall (Franchi’s ex)

  7. Your OT is great!! I just love her creativity to help you get a point across when you feel like it!! LOVE IT!! Keep your sense of humor, laughter helps us get through tough stuff. Keeping you in our prayers!

  8. We all need a splint like that 🙂 This could go into a Marketing Plan….I would put a Trademark on it if I were you and your OT!

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