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I Stand Corrected


It’s been quite some time since I posted anything. I have had several posts started, but in the midst of each, I always seem to get stricken with a severe case of writer’s block. I’ve been getting several messages wanting to know if there has been any progress with me. I am continually making progress because of all the work that I put into my therapy. I expect it. It’s the breakthroughs that I’m waiting for. If progress isn’t being made, It’s really simple, I’m not working hard enough. I’m hoping that with every new thing that I do in therapy, I’ll get a small step closer to muscle movement, something that I want and need desperately.

I will do just about anything in therapy. I constantly make the joke to Carla my therapist, that I feel like a trained dolphin; she tells me what to do and I do it. Hold the ring up and I’ll jump through it. I really will attempt just about anything in therapy. To me, nothing is beyond the realm of possible, which brings me to my latest endeavor…standing outside of the standing frame. I have posted pictures previously of balancing myself hands-free while in the standing frame. This was quite the accomplishment, but now it’s time to raise the bar so to speak, and make use of the parallel bars. Carla is always trying to think of new challenges and approached me about attempting this a little over a month ago, and I was all for it. Basically, I start in a sitting position with a gait belt on and push myself up to a standing position while Carla sits in front of me and locks my knees out. The first few times that I did this, it seemed incredibly difficult and required an immense amount of energy from me. I really only could last for a short amount of time. I also required a significant amount of help to push myself up to standing. It progressively became easier, and today was the best day ever. The next step would be to have braces made for my legs. With the braces, I would be able to take actual steps. We are investigating this. Custom braces are shockingly expensive, so we are looking into the feasibility of it all.

I’ve posted a couple of photos, and a video below from the parallel bars. By the way, the bulky white thing around my waist is the gait belt…not the most fashionable accessory but very necessary for safety. I was actually able to stand without significant assistance from Carla and Omar today. All I need are my muscles to kick in, and I’ll be golden.





18 thoughts on “I Stand Corrected

  1. Mary, you are truly amazing and beautiful! WOW!

  2. ~ You hard work, determination, faith and humor continues to keep me in awe. Always love reading your writings and seeing your beautiful face.
    Please keep it up!!

  3. The thing is – don’t get caught up on your blog too much. Just write it and post it… type from your heart and get it down and done – that’s what I do…. Good luck

  4. I saw the pictures and had only one thought, and it seems Kathy has already beat me to it, “Mary, you are beautiful.”

  5. Wow is right! That is huge progress. Really great to see that.
    Muscles c’mon lets go!!

  6. Good to hear fro you. I’m impressed

  7. Such an inspirational piece to read….. My heart actually smiles as I absorb each line. Your unstopable determination for continuous progress teaches all of us how not just to move forward but to demand progress with each move. Sure hope those braces are reachable and feasible. It would be ” so sweet ” to see you walking again. Bye for now, beautiful. LOVE

  8. You go Girl. You are beautiful inside and out! Your determination is amazing. I love ya for that. Love the pictures!!!

  9. Always great to hear from you Mary!!! This made by day!! You are amazing and you look amazing!!!!

  10. Great to hear about all of your progress. Keep at it!

  11. My sweet Mary, Wow! That took a lot as you said. My prayers for you will be focused on strength. You have the will, it’s muscle strength you need. That will be my visualization for you. I had an episode with my sciatic where just in my left leg – hamstrings and glutes – tremendous shooting pain and spasm hits at random times, but the scarey part is the temporary loss or diminution of enervation to the leg for lifting it up to walk up stairs or just on a level surface. It’s a freaky sensation. When it happens it makes me think of you and the loss of enervation on a mass scale. God Bless you Mary. Your hard work is inspiring. Keep em coming! Love to you, Jim Pintner

  12. Mary,
    So proud of you for all you have accomplished. Keep it up ,you will get those muscles back. We keep you in our prayers.
    Jack and Mary Schifano

  13. It’s been an amazing experience working with you. Your energy and positive attitude are beyond belief! You surprise me every week with your progress. Let’s keep it going !
    The staff and patients at Miami Physical Therapy Associates admire you and your intensive dedication. Thank you for including me in your witty blog…..they but really your quips always make me smile!

  14. Mary, it’s been a while since I’ve “checked in” on you but I think of you often, and continue to keep you in my prayers. You are truly an inspiration for us all, keep up the hard work, you are doing an amazing job! Take care!

  15. Mary, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reach out to you. You are in my prayers and I wish you all the best. You’re unstoppable:)

  16. You never cease to amaze me! No one knows but you! FAITH. Love and prayers MAV 🙂

  17. Wow!! Truly amazing Mary! Your video was thrilling to watch. I can’t even imagine how you felt doing that! Keep striving. Your progress is truly wonderful

  18. Holy Prada, girl!!!! I am needless to say quite out of touch with many things going on around me. I heard about your injury and cried for you. I knew you had become a successful, headstrong woman to reckon with, so I hoped for the best for you knowing you were staring into the eyes of the largest, ugliest challenge of your life!….I actually chuckled and felt sorry for that challenge for a moment knowing that the fates picked the wrong girl to tangle with!! After actually finding your blog by accident this morning I know for a fact that I was right!!! You are actually challenging ‘your challenge’ to challenge you more!!!! You’re amazing! I don’t know if you are planning on publishing any of this beyond your blog, but you must! I know you’re probably sick to death of being everyone’s champion, but that’s you…..it’s always been you! From the little girl who broke her leg on the damn monkey bars to the girl who could bend a spoon with ice cream… You were beating the odds then too! Someday, if I ever make it to Miami, I’m going to show up on your doorstep and ask if you want to go for a walk or just lounge around because the choice will be yours again someday soon!
    With the warmest of wishes,
    Lisa Scanlon Peoples

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