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I’ve decided to post some random pictures and a few videos that were taken over the last few months. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, this may be a bit redundant. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I have several entries written but always seem to change my mind prior to posting them because my mood changes. Go figure. I’ll post something new soon.


Well overdue new hair from Oribe Salon. It’s been a year since color and scissors have touched my head.


Happy hour at the Setai lounge. My friend Lisa Lambert was in town.

Beach wheelchair. Monster tires.

Beach wheelchair. Monster tires.


My visit with Brian and Maria.


Paparazzi at the beach stalking some Argentinian super model who is staying here. Lisa and I thought they were here for us…we’re famous in our own way.


My visit with Harald and Marlene.

At the Miami Project getting hooked up to electrodes. I was there for a study. I was basically a lab rat.

At the Miami Project getting hooked up to electrodes. I was a lab rat for a study on hand movement in people with SCI.


2 on 1 at Oribe

At the beach with Harald, my crazy Austrian friend.

At the beach with Harald, my crazy Austrian friend.

Barb's visit. Really nice to see her.

Barb’s visit. Really nice to see her. I put a little artsy filter on this pic.

Stage 1 of the hair.

Stage 1 of the hair.

Wonderful surprise from old friend Jenni Pekar. The card was filled with words of inspiration from her coworkers at the Bliss spa.

Wonderful surprise from old friend Jenni Pekar. The card was filled with words of inspiration from her coworkers at the Bliss spa.

The vans that take me to therapy are made in Akron. WTF...very  bizarre.

The vans that take me to therapy are made in Akron. There are hundreds of them around Miami. WTF…very bizarre.

My boys from work came to see me. So great to catch up. Lots of laughs as usual.

My boys from work (Sandridge) came to see me. So great to catch up. Lots of laughs as usual.

Geno and I. My brother from a different mother.

Me and Geno… my brother from a different mother.

Me, Ross and Andrea at Smith and Wollensky.

Me, Ross and Andrea at Smith and Wollensky.

Below are a few videos for your viewing pleasure. The first three show me using the ReWalk. It’s an exoskeleton that brings me to a standing position and initializes steps. It’s really meant for paraplegics that have trunk control and way more function than me. I actually worked many hours on exercises to increase my stamina and strength in the few trunk muscles that I’ve regained. This may look easy to you, but in fact it kicks my ass. Making 2 laps through the gym wipes me out. There’s a home version of this unit that’s sold in Europe. Paraplegics can put on the “suit” and go to work, take walks etc. Currently, in the US, the FDA has only approved this for clinical use. Apparently the home version is awaiting approval here.


The last video is me at Hyde bar at the SLS hotel in South Beach. Ross surprised me one Saturday and rented a cabana poolside for the day. Our friends Bill and Lyndsey came from Fort Lauderdale to hang with us. SLS has a pool party every Saturday and Sunday. The weather was ideal and the average age was 22. It was a lot of fun people watching. Ross definitely spoils me!


12 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Mary Vaccaro

  1. You truly look beautiful and I love the hats g/f!! Keep up the good work, you can do it!

  2. Before I had even known you had posted the girls and I were in the car talking about you and Ross and good memories. “Baby, will you?” “Yes Baby I will.” And how much we all miss you.
    I have January dates for your approval !

  3. Mary
    You look fabulous! Love the hair. So damn cool. Great friends!
    The ReWalk is amazing.
    Love & Hugs
    Kristine Basnett

  4. Hi Mary, I love the hair. You still have your beautiful smile. Keep your chin up.

  5. Hi Mary- Lookin’ Good!! Love seeing all the familiar faces in your pics! Glad you’re doing well & having lots of visitors! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love, Kimmy

  6. hello mary…I look forward to reading all ur thoughts and progress..u look as beautiful as I remember u to be. U r in my thoughts . hope I can come visit soon, just let me know when ur up to it.. Would love to hv ur address…have not seen my gyno for awhile..bad girl !!!….warmest regards dena

  7. Marang……….You are as beautiful as you were when you and Celene graced the hall’s of St. Hillary’s………………Dave…………..

  8. You look amazing Mary!! Great to hear from you!!

  9. Hi Mary Love hearing from you. Look forward to your blogs. You look great and I love the bob. You have inspired me to go there. I need a new do can’t stand my pony tail any more.

    Lots of love, Jdith

  10. Hi Mary! I just heard about your accident and I am sorry I am so late but I just wanted to say hello and send my love! I miss how much fun you were and your amazing attitude at the gym ๐Ÿ™‚ you’re such a great person and I hope that never changes!!

  11. Hi Mary…I was a pt. of Dr..Marchetta…I recently moved to a Vegas due to my son’s health..He has suffered with this devastating disease since the age of 3…Spinal Muscular Atrophy ….it is one of the forms of Muscular Dystrophy…He has always wanted to live out west but all our family lives in Medina,Ohio…the past few years he started getting depressed… Poor circulation was causing him to feel cold and uncomfortable most of the time…We decided it was best to move to a warmer climate and Nevada was a very affordable place to live…I hated to leave all my family ,friends in Medina where I grew up but our son was in need of a life of comfort and Ohio weather was not the place to make that happen…everyday I wake up and stand on my 2 feet and can help my son I am the happiest mother on the planet…our son Jason is smiling once again..swimming again and feeling warm and comfortable…He has been in a wheelchair the past 9 years and everything u have talked about in your blogs he has felt…we take each day as it comes and it’s never easy but we always do things with love and live by our motto..NEVER GIVE UP…Jason still crawls on the floor to maintain what muscles he has left…weakens after the smallest tasks…he never complains…only explains his deepest emotions of the struggles he goes through on a daily basis…he is an amazing man…sweetest heart and so thankful for all our help…we are the blessed ones…he teaches us everyday how to appreciate the little gifts in life…we never take a day for granted…it’s not about the destination but how one chooses to take the journey….please take care and know we understand…let Dr. Marchetta know we are happy and we know we made the right decision to move…we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Vicky Eckert

  12. Hi Mary for some reason your name popped up from my daughter’s mouth this evening, remembering her fun days as a Hostess at Vaccaros years ago when she was a college student. I told Tricia so weird she mentioned you, because I realized we were not getting Christmas cards from you for a few years. Of course we moved to Columbus in 08 but our greetings to you and Ross continued. So I googled you and I was shocked to find out all that you had been through. Tricia was also in accident in December of 2013 her leg was crushed in golf card accident, in Jacksonville, Fl where she lives. She was lucky it was awful, plates screws, months of rehab,but she is doing well. I am reaching out to you & sending you a big hug and what strength you have beautiful lady.. you are amazing.. xo Joanie Streck

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