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Will2Walk Foundation


I discovered the Will2Walk foundation last year. They graciously helped me with funding for an RT300 FES Bike, which has a price tag as much as a new compact car. Sadly, anything that is remotely attached to the word “disability” is terribly inflated in price, which is an expensive reality that I’ve been dealing with.

Functional Electrical Stimulus (FES) is a well established rehabilitation technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves evoking muscle contractions and patterned muscle activity. FES creates patterned movement in arms, legs and trunk, and enables muscles to work and perform activities even though the muscles may be weak or paralyzed through neurological disease or injury.  The RT300 combines the benefits of FES with cycling, and guides the muscle activity evoked by FES into a useful pattern.

The Will2Walk, an Arizona-based nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of spinal cord injury research and improving quality of life for individuals living with spinal cord injuries, has a program designed to provide funding to individuals and qualified organizations that exemplify how those with spinal cord injuries can live a healthy, active and independent lifestyle. They  award up to $5,000 to qualified individuals and organizations and recently announced their 2015 quarterly schedule of application deadlines and decision dates for scholarships and sponsorships. Applications are evaluated by the Will2Walk Board of Directors to determine funding for requests that improve daily life for those living with spinal cord injury or organizations committed to research.

If you know a person or organization who can benefit from Will2Walk, please pass on this valuable information to them. If you need a great organization to donate to, trust me…they make an immediate impact on the end-user. www.will2walk.org

Below is the information on their program deadlines. Amy Munoz is their contact person. Her info is included below as well.


4 thoughts on “Will2Walk Foundation

  1. Thanks for new info very impressive!

    Hope you are doing well.


    Sent from my iPad Judith


  2. Mary, Dick just said this morning, “When is the last time you talked to Mary?” And I had to reply, “Too Long.” Great to hear from you and will send you an update about “your girl!” LOVE – All The Pattersons

  3. Marang………..Good to here from you. Have missed your posts. You keep trying and a whole bunch of us will keep praying………………Jarlath & Dave Black……

  4. Marang………..Dave here………..Please let us know how things are going………….We love and pray for you…………Do you have another “site” we need to go to……………..

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